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Slow Down 5 Minute Meditation

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Sometimes we feel we just don’t have the time. Life gets going. You have dishes to do, emails to check, an endless list of tasks to fulfill. A break would be nice, but who has time for a break. Even though knowingly if you don’t take a break, you will “break”.

It is a heaviness we can carry. Always feeling the need to rush forward, to manifest, to do better and be better. But there is this other side of you craving calmness, the need to slow down, the need to be present. And wellness is about balance. Balancing both aspects of our being. The yin and the yang. The creation and the calm.

This is a 5 minute meditation. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes. You may say you don’t have 5 minutes, but surely there is a way to prioritize a 5 minute rest period into your life. By focusing on the breathe for 5 minutes you give your consciousness and your body a well deserved super rest so that you can move forward in your day with mindfulness. Or move forward into your night with a calm mind. Enjoy!

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