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About Carrie Suwal

Author, CEO and Founder of Healing Earth Therapy & Soulful Mountain Retreats, Professional Intuitive and Energy Therapist

Carrie works to repair any damage and blockage of natural energy so you can get back in touch with your true beauty; your core essence.


With a strong presence and a deep connection to nature combined with a strong love of animals, Carrie has been guided to become a professional intuitive and energy healer. Alongside her team of spirit helpers, they work to gently transform and bring your darkness (fear-based patterns) into the light (love-based vibrations). 

Carrie uses Akashic records, and intuition to bring guidance from the spirit realm to best serve you at this time in your life. By unblocking any negative energy they will restore your body to its natural radiance, aligning your emotional and physical body allowing you to thrive.


Carrie's purpose is to assist your soul on its journey to fullness.

Carrie is trained and certified in many energy healing modalities, and brings her own direct connection to universal knowledge to offer healing and wisdom that is supportive for you at this time. She has completed her massage therapy diploma through the MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and is also certified in therapeutic fire cupping.

Her passion for healing stems from musculoskeletal issues after receiving whiplash from an accident in 2005. The importance of massage therapy and alternative healing has been paramount to correcting imbalances and uncovering her state of health (wellness). 


Carrie enjoys hiking, traveling, and mountain biking with her husband and puppy in Canmore, Canada. Her intentions are magnified by the powerful Rocky Mountains. This allows her to access and share peace & joy with her community near and far.

Healing Earth Therapy is an extension of Carrie’s passion and is dedicated to helping others on their journey to optimum wellness.

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