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Spirit Infused Services

Bring your soul consciousness into your body so that healing can begin mindfully.

Healing With Energy & Spirit

Energy healing incorporates the healing of your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit. 


You can book an energy healing session and receive any or a combination of Energy Healing, Akashic Record Reading, or Oracle Card Reading. All of the services are only offered via distance (zoom).


Carrie uses the help of her spirit guides to move large amounts of positive and healing energy to your body while removing blockages and that which no longer serves you or weighs you down.



Begin the session with a chakra assessment and alignment. Receive an akashic record reading, as we journey to your soul's records, Carrie will channel messages for 2-3 questions.

Ask 3-5 questions in your Akashic Records, and Carrie will channel your soul's answers from the vibration of love. We finish with an oracle card reading to help support you on your journey.

Space clearing and vibrational harmonizing include welcoming Carrie energetically into your home to elevate the vibrational healing within your space (home/work).

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