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Space Clearing

Reharmonize your space.

Balance for the Positive

Space Clearing and Vibrational Harmonizing involves welcoming Carrie into your home or workspace (local or distant) and bringing her mystic skill set to elevate the vibrational healing within your space at work or at home. Distance sessions are equally as powerful as she works on the energetic and spiritual field. 


The space that is supposed to be dedicated to rest and allow you to manifest your energy to its fullest potential can at times be neglected. It makes sense to take care of your own aura and energetic field. To release stagnant energy from your spiritual body and balance your layers of self into a state of wellness. As important as it is to take care of your soul, it is just as important to nourish the space you live in.


Your space may also have stagnant or negative energy brought on by other people, spirits, the land, or previous homeowners.


Creating balance to assist you on your journey of awakening to your deepest truths, your inner peace, to deep love and joy is a priority. Imagine walking into your home and feeling energized by overflowing abundant healing energy.

Home Entrance

Benefits of spiritually clearing and charging your space:

  • Positive energy drawn from nature and divine will freely flow during and after the cleansing session

  • Removes sad, anxious, angry, and depressed energy that may have been circulated through your space during challenging times

  • Joy, fun, free and loving energy will be amplified and recirculated

  • Suffering spirits will be assisted on their journey to a compassionate place on the spirit plane

  • You will receive messages from spirit and your home giving guidance to assist you and your space on your path to wellness

  • Negative energy will be transformed or assisted out of the home

  • Receive a ceremony/ritual to continually welcome this new energy in your home

Why would I need clearing and charging of my space?

  • You don’t feel positive energy in your home

  • Your home was built on a sacred place

  • If the energy of the family or tenants is not positive and communication is lacking

  • Emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety and fear-based patterns

  • Your intuition is telling you that your space needs uplifting

  • To release suffering spirits and fear-based energies

  • A new baby has arrived

  • A separation, divorce, illness or death has occurred

  • A new leaf has started in your life

  • Your home has had previous homeowners

  • You have used furniture or antiques


Carrie connects to your home's energy through meditation. In the walk through she is introduced to the space and the current energy it is holding.

She accesses the home’s Akashic Records. This a way of channeling directly from the home what the home wishes to share with its owners, often deep insight and healing can be shared from the records. 


Carrie uses the technique of psychopomp to assist suffering spirits (ghosts) from your home into a place of love where they and your home can be at peace. Using Reiki she draws up earth and sky energy into your space and converts any thick, dark energies to light. 


She does a Energy Healing treatment for the people of the home as well, clearing their auras and letting you know the areas needing more balance. Distance clearings are $222 USD.


Pricing varies on location. Local clearings are $144/hour. 3 hours is the minimum time for in person clearings, and for larger spaces or places that need a little extra TLC it can take up to 6 hours. Currently, Carrie serves Canmore, Banff, Cochrane, and Calgary. 

Depending on travel time there will be an added fee. Commercial buildings and business spaces are also tended to with the same rituals of clearing and charging. Please contact us for more information.

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