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Psycho-pomp: What is it?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

When asked what I do for work, I typically respond with I’m a massage therapist and spiritual healer. Led by, what kind of spiritual healing…. I respond “Reiki, shamanism and crystal acupressure”. Then followed by…What is shamanism and what is crystal acupressure. I will talk about the crystal acupressure in another post, because it is a whole other can of awesome sauce.

Shamanism is me connecting to my animal and compassionate guides to give divine advice and heal the spiritual sources of imbalance within. One of the many shamanic methods I practice is called psycho-pomp. Psycho-pomp sounds quite intimidating or fearful. When you type in google search for the definition, the first one you will see is:

Psychopomp: a guide of souls to the place of the dead.

We are guiding suffering souls or souls that have finished their earthly journey and are ready to pass through ceremony to their final resting place. They may be guided from a physical human body, not being their own. Or guided from a space they are occupying here on Earth.

Now, reading that description may still lead you to be a bit fearful of psycho-pomp work. I want to talk to you about why it is the most rewarding work I do, and how it is completely love based. That’s right, no fear, just love.

When our imminent death approaches and our soul leaves our body we are at a crossroads. We can venture up to the “light”, ascending and furthering our healing and growth. This is where we want to go, to reconnect with our soul’s wisdom which is tied in with the life force energy of all that is (a.k.a. Universal Love). There may be certain circumstances where our soul decides to stay here on the Earth plane, rather then ascend. Some of the reasons a soul may choose to stay, or unknowingly stay are:

-Someone close to the soul can not let them go. They will not allow their loved one to pass on in to the light because they want them to stay here to tend to their needs

-The soul is afraid and not ready to surrender to the divine light. They may feel they have unfinished business and wish to carry this out as a spirit/ghost.

-Sudden and unexpected death can cause confusion in a soul and they  may not accept the truth that they are now in the spirit world and no longer in physical form

We are all meant to ascend, we are all deserving of being happy, joyful and at peace. When we ascend we have access to these things because we are wrapped in an envelope of loving light, we are fully supported by divine energy. If we do not ascend and we stay here, we are not in touch with this divine light. We have been cut off from it and enter a space of our own darkness. These spirits are often referred to as ghosts. The term ghost carries many negative influences with it. It is fear based. And it is not something that anyone should be afraid of. I choose to call these spirits/ghosts *suffering spirits*. Because that is what they are. Just as people here on earth suffer and struggle, so are these beautiful souls. They are people too, lacking a connection to others, lacking support and being malnourished from a complete lack of love. These spirits deserve our deepest compassion and must be thought of as someone who just needs help so that they can get back to their source, to their truth, that they are too a being of love and light.

The more time they spend here on earth the harder it can be for them to find their way back to the light. As you may know if you have struggled with depression or sadness, if you do not have support and love you may not be able to find your way out of it. The suffering spirits may find them self reaching out by any means necessary to try and capture that piece of life, that piece of love. They are attracted to darkness because they are one with the darkness. They can choose a space to occupy, maybe one that they have lived in because it brings them comfort. If they see a person on this planet who has a hole in their essence or a shadow in their aura this is an entrance to them. This is a chance. Maybe a sliver of hope. What they see is the possibility to live again through someone else. Partial possession is possible. It often appears in people if they have been giving into recreational or addictive drugs that temporarily alter their consciousness. When you release the fullness of your consciousness you open your subconsciousness and allow what is lurking under the surface to express it self. There may be a suffering spirit within you that you have just given the chance to express them self by moving or speaking within your body. I don’t want anyone to be afraid when reading this, it’s about to get good.

If a suffering spirit has entered a physical living body, this is where psycho-pomp comes in. As a psycho-pomp worker we are able to speak to this spirit and guide them in the right direction. Usually we do not need to be in the same physical space as the person we are doing the work for, after all we are working within a different dimension.

My conversation usually begins by me asking them to step forth from the body so I can have a conversation with them. I allow them to feel safe and not threatened but instead cared for. I then continue to ask them if they are happy? If they feel they are in their fullness? Do they feel loved? I will ask them what they want in their life. Often they respond no to being happy, because truthfully you can not be happy when you are disconnected to divine energy. Then I am able to offer them my assistance in bringing them to a place that they can be in their joy, they will be loved and find their fullness again. I wait for them to agree, if they do not agree then I continue asking them questions as I seek for what they truly need. Sometimes they can feel very settled, you may know some people in your life like this, they don’t budge and they feel they are always right even if it is obvious they are far off track…. stubborn. I often will give them a hug, allowing them to feel a connection to love and light so that they know what they are in for when they ascend. Once they are ready my Power Animal steps in and takes us to their final resting place. I await at the entrance until they have entered on their own accord. Once they have entered I wish them love and light on their journey.

We get to work with these suffering spirits at any time, they may not be occupying a small space in someones body. Most often they are wandering a place on the planet where they lived or died. I find in old buildings or homes there are often a few spirits hanging out. Here is where we can also do psycho-pomp. It does not matter where they are or what they are doing, they are suffering and deserve a better afterlife. Part of the reason this work is so meaningful to me is we are helping the person here on earth who is struggling with this spirit feeding their negative fear based energy, and we are also helping the suffering spirit within them reconnect to their light.

I described how they can find an entrance to the body. This is not available to them if you do not have an entrance. You can have an opening to suffering spirits depending upon how you live your life. Intentional or not you soul is reacting to your thoughts, emotions and choices. If there is an opening within the soul it means you have experienced a trauma you have not healed from, there may be a dark energy within you, possibly your ego runs most of your decisions, or you are simply not living purposefully causing a lack of vitality. Usually these people will be able to admit they do not feel a fullness, they are not accessing their joy, they are not in peace or they are not very positive. Not feeling you are in your fullness describes it perfectly, you are not full, you have room for more. This room creates an opening that a suffering spirit may see as a vacant lot for them to come and do as they please.

How do you step into your fullness? You step back to evaluate your life. Step back and be a witness to your consciousness. Are your thoughts coming from a loving space? A great question to ask is do you value yourself? Even further, do you love yourself? If the answer is no then there is a gap, a darkness you are feeding with a lie. You were born a being of love and light, and you have always loved yourself, it is always there. However; through your experiences and ego you may started to tell yourself things like: “I’m not good enough” or “no one values me”, etc. These words you say have an energy, and I am sure you aware that the energy is not of light but of darkness. To step into fullness you must connect with your deepest truth. If you are unsure of your deepest truth, then put one hand on your heart and one on your belly and close your eyes, take a few long deep breathes. Don’t allow your mind to chatter, don’t say anything to yourself, just feel. What do you feel? Close your eyes, try it out.

I hope you were able to feel something, an inner chime, a sensation. That is your heart speaking to you saying “I am here! I am love!” And if you are love you are deserving of love, you are worthy. You are full.

Create the life you dream of living. Don’t think about it and worry about it, start doing it. Through the smallest action or non action. Maybe you just need to start surrendering to the will of the universe and finding the joy within each moment. Stop seeking for the lacking and start noticing what is already there. Maybe it’s simply the beauty of the sky today, or the fact that you are breathing, you are alive on this small planet in a galaxy full of one hundred billion stars…. of which there are hundreds of billions of galaxies! Pretty amazing. Once you are in touch with finding and living in the vibration of love, a suffering spirit will not be able to enter you, there will be no room and your vibration does not speak to theirs.

To create this life is it possible for you to be more gentle and kind to yourself? To give yourself what you are deserving of? Filling your cup.

When contemplating a thought, a feeling, a decision or action. Ask yourself what would love do and what would fear do. Choose love, always choose love.

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