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Massage Therapy

Realign the soul of your cells.

Chakra Massage

Your Chakra massage begins with a comprehensive Chakra assessment (insight into your body’s imbalances) and then guidance on how you can consciously create harmony within.


Chakra massages use relaxing massage techniques in combination with Chakra essential oil blends to balance the energy of your emotional, mental, and physical centers. 


Stimulating tuning forks are used to infuse the purest vibrations causing a powerful balancing of your Chakras. Colour Therapy and Reiki energy are infused through the therapist’s hands into your body. 


Benefits of a Chakra massage:

  • Clears negative energy and blockages in your physical, emotional body, and mental bodies

  • Provides awareness of your body’s imbalances and what you need to incorporate so you can experience wellness

  • Acquire an Infusion of powerful energy and positivity

  • Muscle tension release through relaxing massage techniques

  • Connection to your inner calm and deep relaxation

Energy Alignment with Massage Therapy

A diagnosis of your energy body allows you to be aware of any imbalances that are holding you back from wellness and fullness. By beginning and ending treatment with energy alignment, we create a much higher success rate for your physical body to absorb the changes we are creating through massage for long term progress. 


The alignment allows you to access more peaceful, more joy, and gain understanding as to why stress or tension of the tissues is present in your body. In duality, alignment creates an environment for muscles to disengage and release as they let go of the original cause of engagement, as well as activating areas of your life that have been seeking attention and focus.


Each massage is customized to you and your needs. 


Some specialties are:

  • Swedish relaxation massage

  • Sports therapy/deep tissue massage

  • Reflexology

  • Myofascial release

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Frictions for adhesions/scar tissue

  • Postural Analysis

Cupping Massage and Energy Therapy

The cupping massage technique uses a glass cup to suction the skin’s surface through negative pressure. The pulling force of the suction places a specific stretch on the muscle which elongates the muscle and breaks down adhesions in the tissue. 


The pulling action stimulates the circulatory system creating detoxification in the blood and Qi. It releases stagnant energy and old blockages that are not serving you.


Benefits of a Cupping Massage:

  • Cupping massage has a very similar effect on the muscles as a deep tissue massage

  • Increases circulation to the tissues allowing for faster elimination of pain-causing substances (reducing pain)

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Stimulates the flow of blood and Qi

  • Creates detoxification of the energy and physical body allowing you to push out all that no longer serves you

Hot Stone Massage

A Relaxation massage uses basalt (volcanic) stones to promote relaxation and to help open up the meridians (energy pathways). 


Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage:

  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

  • Alleviates stress

  • Releases toxins

  • Relieves pain

  • Improves circulation

  • Calms the psyche

***Please fill out the Health History Form before your first treatment***

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