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Discover Mental and Emotional Roots of Health Issues

This book is an instruction manual for you to connect to the beautiful lessons your pain or imbalances are wanting you to receive, and to learn what your body needs to heal. 

Book Summary

Are you ready to dissolve your suffering? It’s time to experience bottomless joy, to love fearlessly, and to have peace of mind as attainable as oxygen. Healing is accessible to everyone. From curing an illness, moving from pain to freedom, anger to acceptance, or sadness to joy, your healing journey will be as original as your fingerprints.

You are going to receive answers, healing, and integrate with your higher self throughout the practices in the book. YOU will be the healer of your life. Discern the different energy systems of the body, and utilize your extra sensory perceptions to heal your aura. Featured at the end of the book is a channeled mental/emotional root cause to a comprehensive list of physical health conditions and major life challenges.

If you ever ponder, “What is my purpose? Where is my joy?”, the answer is not behind or in front of you, but within you. And it’s only accessible in the now.

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