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Discover The Warmth and Calm of Healing -----
with Carrie Suwal

Access your inner knowing, that is injected with Universal all knowing consciousness, to discover the root cause of your illness and suffering. Learn to heal your body, heal your mind and live from a vibration of love and acceptance. This book connects you to the scrumptious gifts within your struggles.

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Hi, I’m Carrie

Intuitive reader and Energy therapist

My purpose is to assist souls on their journey to fullness. I work to repair damage and blockages in the aura creating a flow of our natural energy so we can get in touch with our true beauty; our core essence. I use channeling to bring guidance from the spirit realm that best serves you at this time in your life.

Meet Carrie
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"I definitely sometimes felt the “imposter syndrome.” You helped me to feel supported and confident that I was going in the right direction and that this was something I was good at. My favourite part was when you channelled me to get a deeper understanding of my questions. That’s something no other mentor could do! Our mentoring  sessions were actually therapeutic."

- Jasmine Gassi

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