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The Magic of a Space Clearing

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Imagine if your home felt open, bright, supportive, clear of other’s energies, offering freedom, healing and nurturing. Imagine the spirit of the home gifting you with the messages of what it needs to be free of lower vibrations and be able to support you and your needs and desires to their maximum potential.

We clean and tidy our homes which the home will always appreciate as it feels valued and loved. But what about clearing the energy of the home? Previous owners, contract workers, spirits of the land who have rubbed off their energies within the space can lead to a vibration that is not in alignment with you or your family. This is just as relevant for work/office spaces and commercial buildings which is often forgotten about. We wash our clothes, clean our bodies, purify our mind with meditation and relaxation, service our vehicles so why not clear and invigorate the energy of the place we spend most of our time?

A space clearing offers magical gifts to you and the connection to your home or sacred place. It all starts by opening a sacred circle of healing and wisdom within the home. This is done by honoring and inviting the spirits of the directions, the land, ascended beings, the helper guides of the home owners and guides of Brittany and Carrie. One of the gifts used through a space clearing is through shamanic ritual and is used to assist spirits who may be dwelling within your home to a better suited environment for them to flourish and allow you and your family to be the only ones dwelling in the home. This “eviction” of unwanted tenants creates an atmosphere of control for the home owners allowing you to be unaffected by the energies of others. It creates ease for positive changes or practices you have been wanting to bring into your lifestyle by releasing fear based energies of the home. Did you know it is possible for your home to bring balance and abundance by learning about your best directions. Feng Shui remedies are applied to the weaker areas in the home and are given to create a more harmonious home and life. Each and every person has different rooms and areas of the home that support your strengths and different areas that may be weak spots. This is done by drafting up your home and applying the bagua to your floor plan in co-ordination with the directions.  Clearing the home of negative energies through Reiki, chanting, rattling, smudging and a crystal grid are used to release all that is not supporting you. The Akashic Records (home’s spiritual records) are accessed to ask the home what information it would like you to know to help create a healthier and happier energy within the space that supports you to your fullest. Intuitive guides, spirit helpers and oracles are invited into your space to empower the clearing of stagnant or un-supportive Qi and to empower the positive movement of Qi into your home.

One of the most fascinating things about space clearings is that they are done in person or by distance sessions. Because all of the work is being done on the plane of energy and spirit it can be accessed from any physical location and the effects are felt just as powerfully.

Here is what people are saying after their space clearing:

“I invited Carrie and Brittany to work on my new (ish) house. I knew something was going on but I was not sure what or why. Their work is brilliant! And very respectful. They helped me understand what was going on, why I chose certain rooms over others and what to do to change that. I feel happier and at ease in my home now. It’s a place of happiness and joy. Still lots of work to do but these are in my hands now! Thank you so much”

“I can’t recommend these two enough. I had the amazing experience of these two ladies in my home yesterday to do a clearing.  Since moving into my new apartment, I have felt very unsettled. Wild and terrifying dreams and just a deep uneasiness. I finally reached out to these lovely ladies to help clear my space of any lingering negative energy or spirits. The moment I walked into my house I could feel a difference. It just felt…I don’t really know how to explain it to be honest. It felt brighter. Lighter. I felt less tense. But the real difference came the next day when I woke up. No bad dreams, no anxiety, it was so peaceful I actually had a hard time leaving my house! I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again Brittany and Carrie.”

For more information or to book a space clearing for your home or business click here:

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