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Necessary Ingredients for Healing

Are you ready to dissolve your suffering? It’s time to blast your radiance at 1,000 lumens. Time to experience bottomless joy, to love fearlessly, and to have peace of mind as attainable as oxygen. Healing is accessible to everyone. From curing an illness, moving from pain to freedom, anger to acceptance, or sadness to joy, your healing recipe is waiting to be created. Your healing journey will be as original as your fingerprints.

Nearly half (approximately 45%, or 133 million) of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease in their life. One in five Americans struggle with a mental health condition, and 14.5% of Americans have a substance use disorder. With the increasing likelihood of facing a health concern, it's time to rethink our approach to wellness and healing.

I was gently kicked by the universe to write this book on healing with intuition. I know that after a kick comes a concussive slap. I listen to the gentle kicks now. I’m not a medical doctor, mental health professional, or naturopath. I’m just a regular person who’s been through a lot of health and life struggles. My struggles pushed me to develop my intuition so that I could navigate back to a state of wellness. This journey of self healing has led me to partake in a buffet of spiritual and energetic courses, leading me to become a professional intuitive, and energy healing therapist. I help everyday people understand the intricacies of the physical body and what our energy body is communicating through it. I have taught intuition building, the law of attraction, and energy healing to tens of thousands of students.

To be prepared for deep healing, you must begin with the act of belief. Believe you can heal and live free of suffering. Belief is a tool used to empower your thoughts positively, and a necessary first step. As you cannonball into the ocean of energy, you will have a deeper understanding of just how powerful your thoughts and beliefs are in creating your reality. We tend to hold belief systems that tell us we are not whole, we cannot heal, and are not loved or worthy of love. These chosen beliefs are quicksand on your path to being happy and healthy. You must realize the beliefs that hold you back from health so that you can discard them, and choose beliefs that upgrade you to first class seats on a direct flight to health.

The next paver for the bumpy healing road is hope. Hope is a practice of releasing what you think you know, and jumping hard-nipped naked into the sea of the unknown, trusting that you won’t be an appetizer to a great white shark. It is trusting that there is a loving force that is always there to catch you. When you work on healing your life, if you graze the mindset of positivity and optimism, you're sprinkled with hope. If you are in the mindset of doubt and negativity, you are suffocated by fear. You can easily be pulled onto the path of fear and doubt in your life. This book (Heal: Using Intuition And Energy) instills confidence to keep coming back to hope and rainbow sprinkles.

The final awareness in healing is knowing. Knowing means you hold certainty, like metal plates absorbing seismic quakes that will never crack. Knowing something cannot be taught, you must experience it for yourself. It then becomes an incontestable truth.

Within your fleshy physique is a concrete space that is happy, healthy, and free of suffering. This concrete space is accessed through the heart consciousness and is always employable. I can’t wait for you to know the potency of the love that’s within you!

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