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Akashic Records

Access your records of past, present, and future.

Find Direction Through Your Records

This description of the records and information has come from Carrie's own Akashic Records to be shared with you:


Your soul’s journey has experienced highs and lows within its course. Understand the gifts and messages from the Lords, Masters, and Teachers of the Akashic Records. Create a connection to your inner wisdom in the vibration of love, peace, and hope moving forward on your path.


The Akashic Records is a sacred place holding the light of Akasha. Akasha is our primal source. It is composed of pure light, universal wisdom, ancient teachings, and love. When a reader of the records opens your Akashic Records you have access to the knowledge and teachings of past lives, this life, future lives, and the divine plan of source for your unique soul.


God (source) is the purest love and this love is shared through words in a reading. This love can create deep healing and begin to break the bonds of attachment to our suffering. It allows you to see and know your potential of self and to begin walking your path in closer alignment with this truth. You are light, you are love, shine your light, connect with your love. You are a gift to this planet. Thank you for existing and being.

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