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Become Your Own Master Creator

Become Your Own Master Creator


30 Day Course - Taught by Carrie Suwal


Learn the skills required to become your own master creator.


Receive tools to achieve your highest self, tune in to your healthy frequency and radiate it into the areas of your life that are not in alignment with your desires. Break old and unhealthy habits that have been holding you back and explode into the authentic being that you are, bringing you more joy, freedom, and abundance. 


You'll Learn how to:

  • Work with the universe through the Law of Attraction to achieve and get what you desire;
  • Release negative and unsupportive energies that have been blocking you from living your desired life;
  • Master your energy and ultimately, you;
  • Share your new gift with loved ones and touch the planet with your light.


Carrie is esctatic to share supportive tools of Reiki, gratitude, mindfulness, and dreaming to allow you to be the ultimate creator and have fun doing it! 


Be ready for the next 30 days of alignment, spiritual growth, and healthy change. It's time you feel how you want to feel, and live how you want to live.


Carrie will be by your side on your journey, within. 

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